Shane Hastings

Dublin, IE

NUI Galway CompSoc Website Redesign


This year I have joined the committee of NUI Galway's Computer Society as Webmaster for 2020/21. As part of that role, I have redeveloped the society's core website and moved it away from a standard WordPress installation to a custom but simple Bootstrap based design.


For the society, there was no real need for a WordPress installation when the majority of our communications are made through student emails and social media posts - as well as on our Discord server


As a result, the aim was to create something simple that conveyed who we are, what we do and what we offer to student at NUIG.  Consequently, the website displays the latest events that the society is running - which are pulled directly from the NUI Galway Societies Student Portal.  Because of this live integration with the university's society calendar, the website will always be up to date - and hopefully draw returning visits from students looking for our events!


Plus, these events can be added to Google Calendar with a simple click  (only the best digital calendar there is ;) )




You can check out the website at, and the source code is always on GitHub.

Posted on Monday, November 23rd 2020 by @ShaneHastingsIE